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Walli Veeser

Reflect the love of nature into my images

Walli Veeser

I love to explore nature through my lenses. In small and large. In any motive that happened to me

Stuttgart, Germany



Capturing wonderful nature scenes


Walli Veeser's Page

Here on my personal page I will try to give you some additional information about me, my way of photography and my philosophy. You will find gallerys and you can read my blog. Feel free to give me feedback, I am looking forward 🙂

Hi there! Welcome to my page at Photo Mania Global. My Name is Walli Veeser,  living near Stuttgart. My age is like all other women timeless and I am working as an geriatric nurse. My beloved Hobby is photography.  When I ask myself: what is your favorite style? I would answer macro photography and flowers. What inspires me most is, that I can express my love of nature. My goal is to transmit this enthusiasm through the photos to other people.

Walli Veeser's photography

Just a few photos from my portfolio

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Walli Veeser

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