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Photo Mania Global is the foundation of all our local Countrypages on Google+

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A Daily Selection From Our Local Countrypages

Photo Mania Australia

The local page for all australian photographers. Curated by Ed Cobb and John Hunt

Photo Mania Canada

The local page for all canadian photographers. Curated by Giselle Savoie and Mark Helm

Photo Mania France

The local page for all french photographers. Curated by you?!? We are looking for new curators!

Photo Mania Germany

The local page for all german photographers. Curated by Sandra Deichmann, Dietmar Rogacki, Markus Landsmann und Hans-Juergen Werner.

Photo Mania India

The local page for all indian photographers. Curated by Walli VeeserHans-Juergen Werner and Capt Suresh Sharma.

Photo Mania Italy

The local page for all italian photographers. Curated by Marina Versaci, Barbara Manchiulli,Luciano Doria and Paolo Calicchio.

Photo Mania Japan

The local page for all japanese photographers. Curated by Giovanni  Piliarvu and Candro Ji.

Photo Mania Nederland

Photo Mania Poland

The local page for all polish photographers. Curated by Jacub Jasinski, Aleksandra D., Agnieszka K and Bogdan Mościcki

Photo Mania Portugal

The local page for all portugise photographers. Curated by Sergio Miranda.

Photo Mania Russia

The local page for all russian photographers. Curated by Igor Schevchenko, Dmitry Jurkov and Kirill Kichatov, Juliza Gusterina, Alexander Tarasenkov and Sergey Efimenko.

Photo Mania Scandinavia

The local page for all scandinavian photographers. Curated by Walli Veeser, Ronny Arbeck and Robert Walter.

Photo Mania Schweiz

The local page for all swiss photographers. Curated by Guenther Schurr, Jakob Schuessler and Remo Primatesta.

Photo Mania South Asia

The local page for all asian photographers. Curated by Kanlaya Chungsangornpornsuk

Photo Mania UK

The local page for all UK photographers. Curated by Hans-jurgen Werner and Walli Veeser.

Photo Mania USA

The local page for all US photographers. Curated by David Pilasky, Dorma Wiggin, Marjolein Schat and Kris Rowlands.

We hope you will enjoy our daily selection! 🙂

Meet The Team

Photo Mania Global Team

The team is made up of the following seven photographers from Germany, Switzerland, USA and Russia.

Chandro Ji

Photographer, Musician and self employed IT-Specialist from Berlin, Germany.

He loves Olympus OM-D Cameras using mainly in Flower-, Macro-, Landscape-, Night-, Architecture-and People-Photography. Photography is his passion, he don’t want to earn any money with his photos.

“Photography is like a meditation for me. Taking time to see the world throug my lens. This changed my view upside my daily Computerwork.”

Chandro Ji is the owner and leader of the Photo Mania Project.

Read more about Chandro Ji

Sandra Deichmann

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Read more about Sandra

Jakob Schüssler

Student living in Switzerland and Germany. Actually the youngest team member in the Photo Mania project. He has a passion for music and photography, especially landscape and long-exposure. Jakob Schüssler composes soundtracks for film,  Hip-Hop / Rap Beats and music for other projects.

Read more about Jakob Schuessler

Suzi Harr

Suzi is Food Blogger and amateur Photographer in Florida, USA

As a food blogger I started out taking photos of food, LOL.  Who knew that this would lead me down a totally new path of photography.  Nature and macro have  become a huge passion.  Needless to say I have taken a long break from updating my foodie web site.  One day I do plan on returning but not just yet.  I am having far too much fun chasing butterflies.

Read more about Suzi

Sebastian T.

Sebastian is IT-Professional and Photographer from Berlin, Germany.

He loves Architecture-, Night and HDR- but also Macro- and Flower-Photography. Photoshop is one of his favorite Tools to make a photo more interesting or beautiful.

Read more about Sebastian

Walli Veeser

My Name is Walli Veeser,  living near Stuttgart. My age is like all other women timeless and I am working as an gereatric nurse. My beloved Hobby is photography.  When I ask myself: what is your favorite style? I would answer macro photography and flowers. What inspires me most is, that I can express my love of nature. My goal is to transmit this enthusiasm through the photos to other people.

Read more about Walli Veeser

Igor Schevchenko

Igor is professional software developer and an ambitious amateur photographer from Moscow, Russia.

I am amateur photographer from Moscow, Russia. My primary subjects to shoot are nature and macro. I like to show the beauty of both small and big world in my photos and I like to take pictures of Moscow, the beautiful city I live in. The digital photography is my passion for last four years, though I have experience in shooting from the film era of 1970s .

Read more about Igor

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Sandra Deichmann, Suzi Harr, Sebastian T., Igor Schevchenko, Jakob Schuessler, Walli Veeser and Chandro Ji

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