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The work of the eye is done - Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you

Hans-Juergen Werner

I expect from each image that heart, soul and my mindset of love for nature is reflected. My fans and customers around the world should always have the feeling to live a little daydream when they look at my images

Stuttgart, Germany



... now the heart-work begins ....


Hans-Juergen Werner's Page

Here on my personal page I will try to give you some additional information about me, my way of photography and my philosophy. You will find gallerys and you can read my blog. Feel free to give me feedback, I am looking forward 🙂
Hi there! Welcome to my page at Photo Mania Global. My Name is Hans-Juergen Werner,  living near Stuttgart. I’m almost 55 years old, working as a photographer. When I ask myself: what is your favorite style? I would answer landscape photography and nature. To combine nature, flowers, trees, water and sky into a emotional vision touches me every time when I press the shutter button… And to find the right words or the right poem for sharing my visions with others completes this emotional journey. So it was very easy to give my company it’s name: Dreamscape-Photography If you have any idea or suggestion, please let me know. You can contact me via the form at the footer on this page or visit my homepage http://www.dreamscape-photography.de
Hans-Juergen Werner's photography

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Hans-Juergen Werner

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