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by Chandro Ji

Photo Mania Global

A project designed by photographers for photographers.

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2 Photo Mania is a worldwide Photoproject.

The main objective is to promote, through Google+, the artistic work of talented photographers from around the world. Photo Mania is composed of various country pages. The statistics on our pages for views, plusses and comments for posts and new followers are constantly increasing. This is reflected in a rapidly growing global interest by photographers. Each country page is curated by one or more curators who observe the country specific photography stream and share the very best photos daily. From this country pool a daily highlight for each country is chosen to be shown on the Photo Mania Global page. Photo Mania Global is owned and managed by the german photographer  Chandro Ji.

What we care for

Main Goal

A Worlwide Project
Photo Mania is a worldwide project on Google+, founded by Rinus Bakker and currently owned and led by Chandro Ji for the purpose of promoting High Quality Photography provided by talented photographers.
Searching For Amazing Work
Photo Mania consists 16 country pages and 3 special pages on Google+. Each country page is curated by one or more curators who watch for the very best shares of photographers from their specific country only. They share their selections daily on their country pages, from which a daily highlight is chosen to be shown on Photo Mania Global.
Support For Photographers

 Photo Mania supports photographers from all over the world by sharing their work with a huge global community. Due to Photo Mania, photographers can easily make new connections. You’re work will be seen!

Our main goal is...

What we look for

We look for stunning landscapes, awesome seascapes, brilliant macros, expressive portraits  – basically, we search for photography that NEEDS to be seen by a larger audience. Every single day, photographers from all over the world share their incredible work on Google+. There is no doubt that it would be a shame if no one had the opportunity to see it. But with Photo Mania, you’re work will be seen!

Photo Mania supports photographers by re-sharing their work with an active  community. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’ve taken your shots. We share photography from all over the world and you can find a daily selection from all of the countries we curate on our main page Photo Mania Global.
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Are you passionate about photography? Are you looking to make contact with other photographers from around the world? Are you interested in expanding your social network and joining an exciting community of international photographers?
If so, come join our team. We are a growing community of international photographers who want to expand our borders even more. If you can recognize an outstanding photograph and want to participate in an already established country page or want to start a new page for your own country, we welcome you to join us.

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